Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bedazzled Fiets

"Don't be dull, be dazzling!"

When I was little (about 11 years old), I fell for this infomercial on TV and begged my mom for a BeDazzler for Christmas, or my birthday, or whatever holiday was coming up.

I wanted that BeDazzler. I needed that BeDazzler. Think of all of the THINGS that could be DAZZLED!

I got it, and spent a few weeks bedazzling the shit out of everything in sight, thus effectively ruining all of my shirts, jeans, socks, and bags.

I eventually ran out of the "jewels" and forgot about the bedazzling fad, until....The BeDazzled Fiets!

Looks like someone's not ready to let go of the BeDazzler just yet!

I wonder if they also have a FlowBee haircut, or a Life Alert necklace.

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